Alf Hogan has a science degree in fish biology and biometrics and is the principal ecologist. He is an active member of the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand www.eianz.org/aboutus/about-us which promotes sustainable and equitable management of the environment through excellence in environmental practice.

Alf has had over 30 years of experience and is well known in the aquatic ecology and recreational fishing industries. He has had a fish named after him in recognition of his contributions to the understanding of freshwater fishes. He has also received the Ron Dempster award, which is the Australian National Sportfishing Association’s highest honour, for his contribution to the future of recreational fishing in Queensland.
Jungle perch live in the upper catchment but migrate to sea to breedCollecting and recording biodiversity data in a remote catchmentThis spillway design damages and kills most big fishRon Dempster award for services to recreational fishing

His specialties are:

  • Fish biology
    • fish reproduction
    • fish migration
    • fish ecology
    • Catchment ecology
      • aquatic biodiversity
      • stream ecology
      • wetland ecology (natural and constructed)
      • infrastructure impact assessment
      • Natural resource management
        • critical habitat and threatening process identification and management
        • water resource planning
        • biodiversity management for mine sites
        • integrated floodplain management
        • Recreational fishing
          • stock enhancement
          • spillway barrier nets
          • impoundment recreation management
          • recreational fishing information for TV programs

Recent clients

  • Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation
  • Xstrata
  • CuDECO
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Sunwater
  • Southern Gulf Catchments Ltd
  • Northern Gulf Resource Management Group
  • Terrain
  • ALS (Ecowise Environmental)
  • Department of Environment and Resource Management